First 2016 Project! Shiplap Over the Fireplace

6:00 AM

Hi y'all!

It's 2016 and its going to be a Sweet '16!  I'm on a roll and getting some projects started right away in Tudor Lane.  I'm starting with adding some character over the fireplace.  It's inset into the wall a bit and absolutely perfect for some shiplap.

I knew I was going to do this, so I didn't even paint in there.  Why waste the paint, right?

In creating shiplap walls in client's homes we have previously just used pine 1 x 6's and left a space in between each one.  I just discovered these tongue and groove boards from Home Depot.  (They also have a gray barnwood board that is pretty awesome.)

As you can see in the pic above, one side is a beadboard detail and the other side, which I used, is plain.   In the lower pics you can see the tonge and groove and how they fit together.  To save some time, I white-washed it before hanging it.

So, let's put up some shiplap!

It was pretty quick work, especially with my new toy...the Ryobi One+ Airstrike Brad Nailer.  Eeeek!!  How fun is that!?!

I started at the top and worked my way down, making sure the first board was level and checking every few rows to make sure it stayed that way.  

All done!

I'm in love with the character it gives this space.  Now to decorate it!

For the winter, I love simple decorating.  A nice clean slate for the beginning of the year.  These cotton bols have been so versatile since I got them in the Fall and have carried through nicely for Winter.  (Available at Potentially Chic.)

A large clock and a simple white lantern are enough for now.  As we get closer to Spring, I'll probably add some green to the mix.  The wood snowflake garland I used for Christmas still works, so I left that up.

So, what do you think?  I'll be sharing the rest of the room very soon.  I'm loving how it's looking.  A few more projects in here and it will be done!  For a while anyway.  ha!

Paint Colors

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

2:54 PM

Hi again!

Well, we are all moved in and now its time for the projects to start! Yay!

There is a long list, and I'm sure more will arise as we go along. So...let's get started!!

The first and really the easiest way to make some changes is with paint.  Most of the walls in the house are the same yellowish beige which isn't hideous, but definitely have to go.  The bright lemon yellow in the kitchen is, well, sorry yellow lovers, horrible and needs to go really fast.

I want a warm feeling in my home.  Words that come to mind are cozy, comfortable, welcoming, fresh, calm, and homey.

Every day I'm choosing colors for clients' homes, so it should be easy picking for my home, right?
I had a long list of colors I love, but the trouble was narrowing it down to make the colors flow well and work with the design plans I have for the rooms.

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors:

1.  Warm or Cool?  The first thing to decide is whether you need a warm or cool color.  What the heck does that mean, you ask?

Warm colors have a brown, red or orange tone to them which bring them forward and make for a cozier feel.  Have a large room that feels cold? Use a warmer color to cozy it up.

Cool colors have a blue or green tone are a bit lighter and more airy.  Have a small room you want to feel larger? Use cool colors to make it seem larger and brighter.

These two colors are both grays.  Which one is warm and which is cool?  Didn't I tell you there would be a quiz?

The top is Sherwin Williams Silver Strand and bottom is Mindful Gray.  Did you get it right?  The top is the cool color and the bottom is the warm color.  It's a slight difference, but see how the bottom has a more brown tone and the top has a more blue tone?

Since I wanted a cozy feel for the living room, I chose Mindful Gray.

2.  Know the undertone.  What is an undertone?  It's the basic or primary color that another color is based upon.

The easiest way for me to see an undertone is to look at the darker colors below on the swatches.

Let's say you picked up these two color swatches wanting the Alpaca or the Repose Gray and having a hard time choosing which one to pick and can't see much difference.  Look down to the bottom of the swatch and notice the difference in tone in the darkest colors.  It's much more evident that the one on the left pulls a more brown tone and the one on the right a more true gray with a hint more of a blue tone.  See how easy that was?

This technique is most helpful in chosing whites.  Who knew there were so many whites?

I hope this helps you in choosing your next paint color in your home.  Next, I will be sharing all the colors I've chosen for Tudor Lane and my first DIY project!

Before Photos

House Tour Part 2 - The Upstairs and Outdoors

6:37 PM

Hey y'all.

Thank you for all the great feedback from the beginning of the tour and well wishes for my new home and the new blog!  Are you ready to see more?

Last time, I shared the main floor with you.  See that post here.

Today, I'm going to share the upstairs and the outside of the house.  Up the stairs, there are two bedrooms and the main bath.  There's not a whole lot to do up here where big projects are concerned, but it will be lots of fun creating a space just for me.  Oh yes...I'm taking over both rooms.  One for my bedroom and one for a pretty dressing room.  I've lived with a closet about 3 feet wide for a while now and I'm ready to spread out and have some girly space.

The larger of the two rooms which will be my master.  The cute little door goes to some attic space.  I'm thinking of hiding that with a large headboard.  I won't be going in there for anything.  Again...pretty floors.

Through that door is the closet.  An actual walk-in closet! I'm excited! And outside that window is a window box that will be fun to fill with flowers.

Right now the rooms aren't anything special but have some interesting architecture.  That's a tudor for ya. And here is the other bedroom.

The double window lets lots of great light in.  This will be a perfect guest and dressing room.

In these older homes, large bathrooms aren't very common.  And this one isn't very large but it's so much bigger than my current one....if you can believe that.  That tile is going to have to go pretty quickly but the rest of the bones are pretty good.  It has potential for sure.

So, that's the upstairs.  Now lets go outside.  One of my favorite features of the house.

You've seen the front. It's all brick and has a carport, a rarity on this style house but it was done right and flows with the style of the house.

This was the very first picture I saw of the house and it was love at first sight.

My realtor sent me the address and I pulled it up online then drove over to get a peek.  I was only able to see the outside that day, but I loved it.

Especially the back yard.  It's fenced, has a great deck that's screaming for a pergola over it and a beautiful view of the mountains, which you can't really see in in this picture. It was really cloudy that day.

So, that's the tour!  I'm so excited to move in.  I guess I should start packing.  yuck.

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See you soon!

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Before Photos

Introducing Tudor Lane!

8:34 AM

Hey y'all.

I'm Gloria and welcome to Tudor Lane!


This is the beginning of a brand new adventure for me.  I've been a renter for more than ten years and y'all, I'm so excited to puchase my own home!  It's the cutest little brick tudor and I can't wait to share with you all my journey in putting my own style into it while decorating and doing some renovations.
I will be moving in the first of November, just a few weeks, and until then I'll start sharing some pictures as the house is now and we'll start planning!

I'll have walls to paint, furniture to build and purchase, walls to knock down, and a bunch of DIY projects to share along the way.

So, here we go with a little tour of the house.

Come on in.  Just inside the front door is the staircase.  Love the wood treads but it needs some opening up.  That's one of the first major projects on the list.

To your right and through a little archway is the living room.

I love the fireplace...haven't had one for a long time.  Oh shiplap is happening there!

The floors are just gorgeous and throughout the entire house, except for the bathrooms.  This is from the other side of the room.  Hmmm...what color paint?

Through that door to the right is a bedroom which I don't have pictures of yet.  Then to the left is a hallway with a powder room and door to the basement.

The green needs to go but I love the sink.  The beadboard is ok from afar, but up close its plastic and may have some old tile behind it.  We will see.

Then onto the kitchen.  This is where the most work is needed.  It's not the worst kitchen I've ever seen but its T.I.N.Y. and bright yellow.

Some reconfiguring and a wall needs to come down between the kitchen and rather large dining room to make for a larger kitchen.

Although I love the swinging door to the kitchen, that wall is going to have to come down to open up the kitchen.

There are great windows through out the house and lots of light.  That's the main floor, y'all.  What do you think so far?  I'll be sharing the rest of the house with you in the next few days.

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See Part 2 of the Tour Here.

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